Setting up an Internet presence is easy and it's not. Most people start out using the free services of social networking sites. While that is already good, having your gig there is a bit like busking (yes, I am a musician too). Further or later, you want something stable, a home of your own business.

In fact, your web presence is a core our your business, however small. A proper website allows you to be independent from whoever is the present owner of any social networking site, while you continue to run your Facebook or Myspace page promoting it. Plus, you can put www.yoururl.url - whatever you have chosen - with confidence on all your advertisment from business cards to TV spots.

A proper website allows you to sell products using PayPal, play your music to your visitor, and show them a gallery of your works or gigs. That is what I specialise in.

And then again, it is all about maintenance. I am quite happy about my long term clients and they are with me. You don't want your website to display stuff that is no longer available or dates and gigs long past. Hence it is not just website programming, but webmastering ie. website management that I offer.

For the more advanced customer, I offer services such as bulk email (newsletter - an indispensable tool for anybody who relies on audience building), online forums (great for community groups), and online polls.

And for the most advanced, I can even program your online shop.

That being said, I am a web programmer. I do design work as well, but that is a side thing. I really appreciate if you get me to work with whoever does all the other designing for you, so your web presence and everything else you do has a consistent and professional look.

Have a look at some examples:

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