Making it run

I am a specialist for Linux systems on PCs. Almost any new computer comes shipped with an operating system from a large American company, and this very operation system has many drawbacks.

The good thing about Windows on you computer is that it is already running. The bad thing is that it won't do that for very long. But you can not risk your work and work flow by using a system that will let you down!

Linux is an incredible stable system. Getting it to run perfectly on your machine is what I specialise on. While it is comparatively easy to get it to run 'at all', it requires a good deal of dedication to run perfectly. For my customers, I set up systems that work with all the hardware you have, I make sure to install all codecs you need for your media applications, and I install the software that suits your needs. And you will not miss anything from your previous system - and the crashes less than anything.

And as it comes to hardware, I can source the very bits and bops or entire systems that you need at competitive prices. Not just any piece of hardware, but the one that fits, and I install the software to make it run just along.

I believe in long-lasting relationships (hello my girlfriend, I love you!) - also in business. Stable systems need little care. But if you need such care, I am back there for you. I am also happy to share my knowledge with my clients, so you may not even need me again - unless you get another computer, or want another website...